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IMPORTANT! - Please read re Vattenfall Project.


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Vattenfall Wind Farm - SUGGESTED LETTER

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Elaine Pugh - Clerk to Council – 01692 402998
Raynham house,10 new road, north walsham, Norfolk, NR28 9DF


We write to you to outline to you our strongest objections to the Vattenfall proposals for the utilisation of AC current relating to the Vanguard and Boreas wind farms on the following basis:

• The cliffs at Happisburgh are eroding fast and this interference with nature will lead to them disappearing faster than necessary and causing harm to the local environment and community.

• 2 massive relay stations will be located in open countryside this is NOT acceptable – you are unable to build a house in these Parishes. These relay stations will emit low noise, radiation and light pollution.

• Relay stations will cause disruption to our tourism businesses and our wildlife and they are obscenely grotesque.

• It is anticipated that they will take away up to a minimum of 8 acres of land from open and unspoilt countryside and will be at least 30ft high.

• Relay Stations will blight this beautiful flat landscape – there is no hiding these monstrosities with a few trees.

• Would they allow these relay stations in Sweden?


• DC cabling is already mainstream technology although disruptive at first - the cables will be under the ground and there would be NO need for the two huge and hideous relay stations.

• DC is available and is utilised throughout Europe and even in Africa! Why is this technology NOT being put forward as the preferred and ONLY solution?

We look forward to hearing from you promptly.

Vattenfall Wind Farm - IMPORTANT MEETING!

Letter from Norman Lamb MP

Dear all,

I’m writing on behalf of Norman Lamb, I hope you are well.

I am sure you are aware that Swedish energy company Vattenfall plans to construct two large windfarms off the Norfolk coast and to bring the cables ashore near Happisburgh. This may mean large relay stations are built at Witton or East Ruston and this is clearly causing some concern for residents.

Norman Lamb has set up a public meeting where local residents and councillors can hear the latest news about the plans and share their concerns with representatives from Vattenfall. It will take place on Thursday 24th August at 7pm at Witton and Ridlington Village Hall.

Norman looks forward to seeing you there.

Warm regards,

image001Kate Savin
Personal Assistant to the Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP
Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for North Norfolk
T: 02072198480 | M: 07956277382 | A: House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Please note I do not work on Fridays. If you need to contact someone urgently, please get in touch with Ed Keyser on or 02072190542.

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Newsletter 2 from Vattenfall (Proposed Wind Farm)

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The consultation process / Norfolk Vanguard / Vattenfall

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North Norfolk World War 1 Pillbox Trail

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The village of Ridlington is in the eastern part of the large civil parish of Witton in the county of Norfolk. The parish of Witton covers an area of 972 hectares. The name Ridlington is thought to derive from the Old English for Hrethel’s people’s enclosure. The village is surrounded by land largely in arable use. Many of the fields were owned by a single landowner, John Owles.

Ridlington is 19.7 miles (31.7 km) north-east of Norwich, 13 miles (21 km) south east of Cromer and 138 miles (222 km) north-east of London. The village lies 4.6 miles (7.4 km) east of the town of North Walsham. The nearest railway station is at North Walsham for the Bittern Line which runs between Cromer and Norwich. The nearest airport is Norwich International Airport.
In the 2001 census, as part of the greater parish of Witton the village had a population of 298. For the purposes of local government, the village falls within the district of North Norfolk.

Some history

Ridlington has an entry in the Domesday Book of 1085 where its population, land ownership and productive resources were extensively detailed along with the other settlement of Witton. In the survey, Ridlington is recorded by the name of Ridlinketuna, the main tenants being Ranulf brother of Ilger.
The survey also indicate the presence of a priest in Witton. Despite the evidence for Saxon activity in Witton, the settlement does not appear to have been particularly populous or valuable, and Ridlington even less so. Despite the mention of a priest, there is no listing of a church or chapel in the settlements.

Some photographs

Approaching village Village sign St Peters Church Phone and post boxes Plough Corner Village notice boards

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